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Historisk Tidskrift för Finland (ISSN 0046-7596) is a quaterly published since 1916 by The Swedish Historical Society in Finland (Historiska föreningen). The journal is open to all aspects of Nordic and Baltic history.

Historisk Tidskrift för Finland (HTF) can readily be subscribed from abroad. We welcome subscriptions from individuals, organizations and subscription service companies.

HTF is also published as a digital version (ISSN 2343-2888) with a one year embargo. The digital version can be found at HTF DIGITALT.

The current subscription price for Historisk tidskrift för Finland Vol. 105, 1–4/2020 is 45 €.

For further information about HTF, or to place an order, please contact
treasurer Michaela Bränn by
e-mail: michaela.brann(at)kolumbus.fi
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Historisk Tidskrift för Finland
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